Our Process


At the start of the project we spend time understanding your business and defining your objectives and goals.

We ask a lot of questions that cover a wide range of topics such as the business case for the project, audience, review of existing system and issues, style and design preferences and your success metrics.

From this research we put together the project scope document that all stakeholders agree and commit to.

Web Design Process - Definition
Web Design Process - Design


The ideal way to start the design process is by holding a workshop, where all involved get together to brainstorm thoughts, ideas and opinions. This serves as a great springboard for the project and helps set expectations.

Drawing on our knowledge of design principles we create design layouts for review and approval. We're aware that design is subjective so constructive feedback and client involvement is essential to achieve great results.


Once the project scope, wireframes, sitemap and visual designs are approved we have everything we need to build the system.

We are experts at bringing everything together and work in-house to combine the interface, content and graphics with the underlying system framework.

When ready for review we setup a staging site on our servers where clients can review, test and provide feedback.

Web Design Process - Development
Web Design Process - Testing

Testing & Content

With the website now available for review on the staging server we can test the website functions, migrate content and train clients on how to use the system.

At this point we collaborate closely and refine the system to satisfy all requirements. We will run through our checks to make sure the website works as originally scoped.


Once approved we deploy the website to the production server and check everything is working as expected.

We ensure the website statistics are running and that goals and key performance indicators are being tracked.

Finally we schedule a review meeting to check how things are going and discuss any secondary phases of work.

Web Design Process - Launch
Web Design Process - Support



Once launched we move into a support role where we offer a warranty period for any unforeseen issues which are covered as part of the original development.

Moving forwards we offer varying levels of support, from periodic individual updates to agreed monthly support contracts as well as emergency cover if required.

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